Region 10 contractors still not receiving timely payment


first_imgBy Utamu BelleContractors working in the Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Regional Democratic Council (RDC) continue to face the issue of not receiving their payments on time, as was brought to the attention of the Council once again during its recently held statutory meeting for the month of July.Speaking on the issue, Councillor Gordon Callender stated that it is one which has been affecting the Council for years. He related that he had an engagement with the Regional Executive Officer (REO) Gavin Clarke and staff from the Council’s public works department regarding the situation, as he stressed that contractors continue to experience difficulty in obtaining their payments on time, due to shortcomings by staff members.“This particular payment issue is a headache… it’s a terrible situation… I thought it would have improved by now that we got a young, vibrant REO but like it’s going back to the same place,” Callender told members of the Council.Only last month, Councillor Charles Sampson reiterated the need to monitor what is happening in the RDC’s finance department since he noted that compliant contractors are still complaining of not being paid on time, with some even refusing to do work for the Council owing to this problem.Additionally, Councillor Sandra Adams had also pointed to RDC employees, which she noted may be contributing to the payment issues of contractors. Adams is of the opinion that the attitude of some is not in the best interest of the execution of their duties, and it reflects negatively on the Council. Adams had also indicated that there are a lot of contractors who have been complaining of the long process they have to go through, pointed out that when they go to one department to uplift payment; they are told to check at another. Councillor Adams opined that employees should strive to be productive during work hours, while other members of the Council also stressed the need to expedite timely payment process for contractors.“The workers in the system, if they come to work, they need to work. They need to treat people with respect and handle people’s business with urgency,” she iterated.Regional Chairman Renis Morian had stated that the issues were inherited by the current Administration, adding that they are not new. Morian alluded that projects are not checked on time and payments are held up unnecessarily. He said a review of the RDC’s Works Programme is necessary as was proposed by the Finance Committee, as well as solutions on how the payment process for contractors can be sped up. Morian contended that underhand issues, shortage of staff and the way the system is run are all contributing factors. During the recently held meeting, the Regional Chairman reiterated that the RDC is still working on remedying the situation.last_img read more